looking for a part-time job

My husband has been out looking for a part-time job. He has actually been on interviews. Many times, he gets this “Why do you want to work for less than your full-time job pays?” or “You just want this job while you are laid off. You will quit once work picks up again at the full-time gig.” He has offered to sign with them on paper that he will stay a year or more, but still, they are reluctant to hire him.

Any advice?

The truth is, he can’t work your (part-time) position the same time he has to be at his full-time job, so when you ask him what hours he is available and he honestly tells you, why do you get mad? Would you prefer that he lie?

The pizza delivery places want the college/high school kids. They haven’t hired him either and he keeps going back. McDonalds says they want closers, but they haven’t hired him. Is a grown man with a family to support and a proven work record a bad thing these days????

hiring for a jobHiring someone for a job has a little more involed than you seem to see.

First if you hire someone who has been trained somewhere else, you will have to retrain them. They may have learnt bad habits you don’t want them to do at your work place.

Second, it cost money to hire someone and train them. You are investing into the future of your company. They work slow make lots of mistakes and have to be watched all the time until they get things down packed.

Third during the training period, even if they are trained in your required field,you are using your time and energy to watch this person.

Mistakes can be costly, they should bare part of the cost by not asking top pay during this period. Younger people tend to stay ,they learn quickly, and in the long run are a better chance for a long term employee. Some times you must see from the other side. If it is a dangerous job, and a mistake could cost injury or death, it will take longer to train, checkup on and inspect their work. Believe you me, it cost to hire, train, a new work person. What about Starbuck’s? They hire folks of all ages from what I’ve seen and they provide great benefits for 20 hours a week.

My husband works part time at Lowe’s and has now for 3 years. Its great. They offer separate part and full time benefit packages and alot of other things. They are always hiring it seems. You can apply online and designate the store you are applying to and if they are interested they will call you.

My DH applied online and withing an hour got a call for an interview and they dont care why you are there really.. at least in his case. He explained he needed a second job for income and debt reasons and needed dental and vision insurance(which they offer) and that was it. He’s starting his 3rd year there now. You can also apply at Home Depot on line this way too.

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