I need some help

hi everyone,i am in need of what to do.I have been sick for nearly a yr now and have only worked about 20 days.My family has accured nearly $50,000 in credit card and medical expenses.i am now healthy and ready to go back to work and hears the kicker i got notified that i will be laid off due to downsizing in September. We bearly make enough to cover all our debts now.i don’t want to file bankruptcy but is there an alternative? Jobs around here are hard to find and don’t pay much, i am loosing a $65,000 a yr job and may be able to find another making around $30,000 since i have no college education. anyone have any advice?

What were you doing that made you $65,000.00 a year? Is there a possibility you can use this past job and become a consultant in your field of work?

On the medical expenses front: Have you asked for the charity care forms from your doctors / hospital? A number of times I have not had insurance for my child or myself and have needed horribly expensive care. I call the hospital and explain that I can’t pay and 100% of the time they have sent me financial forms and written the balance off. The rest of it, you may need to just muddle through. Does anyone else in your family work?

Bankruptcy sounds like your only option to me. Even if you try to get fast no teletrack payday loan form company like this one – you will be rejected as you are unemployed and do not have any stable source of income. If you are well and can go back into the work force then file on this old accumulated debt and be rid of it. You’ll never be able to make a clean start and get ahead otherwise from what you are describing. It sounds like you have a good reason for the situation you are in unlike many who have just frivolously charged themselves into debt so talk to an attorney asap!

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