I do think you should look into a cheaper home

I do think you should look into a cheaper home. Your credit card debt is not going to just go away, and you’re just going to be swimming in debt forever if you continue with the lifestyle you have. You have to change your lifestyle, and it seems like the house is going to have to be the first to go. You have a fairly good income and you should be able to knock out the debt, if you didn’t have the burden of the enormous house payment to meet every month. I’m new on the list, and I don’t know what part of the country you are in or your family situation but $2500/month seems like an expensive mortgage to me. I understand that you want to keep your house, but it is not a blessing; the payments are a curse.

You don’t need to pay someone else to take care of your money, you can do it yourself. I hope that you find peace and if there’s anything we can do to help, just send up the white flag :) With 14 credit cards, your situation isnt unusual, it is quite common these days. As you said, they are current this at this point, but that changes this month. Something to consider is trying to take out the smaller balances first.

There is no good way to pay off credit cards. the interest is killer, and as soon as they go past due, the interest is going to jump, and your creditors will start hammering you with late fees and possible over limit fees. You mentioned debt consolidation and managment, do not waste your time with those. They will eat up your money and 12 months down the road your will posibly owe more money than you do now. If your accounts are current now, you still have time to work on this before permanent damage to your credit report. They wont create permanent damage until the delinquency hits 120-180 days.

A lot depends on where you live, what state, the laws vary. The best suggestion I can make is keep the house current, and look at your cc balances. the small ones, pay them off asap, like in 1 payment, if that means others dont get paid this month, so be it. Your situation is fixable, trust me it is, but there will be some residual damage, there always is. Do not turn to a dept managment program or a consolidation program, trust me you will regret it 12- 18 months from now. With the number of credit cards that you have, continuing to make payments is a futile endeavor, you can not, and will not fix this problem, making payments like that. it isnt mathematically possible. You can fix this, it just takes some determination and a different approach.

You don’t have to go through a “Debt Settlement” company for this either. (They cost money and a lot of them are less than honest). You can do it yourself. It takes good organization (to remember who you wrote which letter to when). This is accomplished with a few minutes time, some file folders, and a good spreadsheet. But you can write the letters (there are lots of websites to tell you how), mail them registered mail return receipt requested (at the self-service kiosk in your post office any time day or night), and keep track.

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